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3 steps to get started on your estate plan

Estate planning can seem overwhelming when you realize the magnitude of it. It involves all kinds of legal topics such as whom you’d like as the guardian for your children, where you’d like your belongings...

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Can you divorce your spouse for cheating in North Carolina?

Few things disrupt a marriage the way that infidelity can. An extramarital affair destroys trust between partners and can make one spouse feel like they don’t even know the person they share their life with...

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Is sole custody ever in a child’s best interests?

As a devoted parent, you will likely do everything in your power to keep your child out of harm’s way. If you are preparing to divorce your spouse, your protective tendencies may extend to seeking...

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What role does alimony play in North Carolina divorces?

When preparing for divorce, one of your biggest concerns about your split will likely be your future economic security. If your spouse earned more than you do, the loss of their income could impact your...

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Dueling headlines highlight importance of a prenup

Much of the focus on divorce centers around the question of “now what?”. What will happen to your property? Will you keep your house? Will your retirement savings be affected? Will you receive or provide...

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Navigating tough child custody questions during this turbulent time

Health care workers on the front lines are making countless sacrifices to care for others. But should they have to sacrifice custody of their own children? A Florida case recently made headlines when an ER...

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The Right Reason To Divorce

That conventional “wisdom” is that 50% of marriages end in divorce. The quotes around “wisdom” are intentional, as it turns out there’s not much wisdom in that statistic. Divorce has actually been on the decline...

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5 Essential Steps For Estate Planning

Too many Americans fail to take crucial steps to protect the financial future of their families. A survey by shows six out of every 10 adults do not have an estate plan drawn up....

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Gray Divorce Goes Far Beyond Divorce

“Her biological clock is ticking.” That phrase is thankfully less common today but used to be said frequently about women in their 30s who lack children. While that offensive notion is fading into the past...

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