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What are the grounds for divorce in North Carolina?

You can get married for any reason or no reason at all, and you could go from single to married in a matter of days. Ending a marriage isn’t nearly as easy as starting one....

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How do you know how much child support to pay after divorcing?

If you and your spouse divorce, you likely will divide your time with your children between yourselves as equally as you can. You should know that one of you will likely also have to pay...

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Virtual visitation is an option for additional custody time

As a parent who is busy or who has unexpected trips away for work, you can’t always commit to a regular custody schedule. You may be fortunate to have an ex-spouse who is flexible, but...

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Can you divorce your spouse for cheating in North Carolina?

Few things disrupt a marriage the way that infidelity can. An extramarital affair destroys trust between partners and can make one spouse feel like they don’t even know the person they share their life with...

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What role does alimony play in North Carolina divorces?

When preparing for divorce, one of your biggest concerns about your split will likely be your future economic security. If your spouse earned more than you do, the loss of their income could impact your...

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The Right Reason To Divorce

That conventional “wisdom” is that 50% of marriages end in divorce. The quotes around “wisdom” are intentional, as it turns out there’s not much wisdom in that statistic. Divorce has actually been on the decline...

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