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Untangling The Dangerous Web Of International Custody Disputes

Family law and child custody issues between couples who live in different countries can be complicated by the interplay of international law. At Daly Mills Family Law, our experienced attorneys are familiar with the Hague Convention and child custody laws under federal and international law. When you need a lawyer who will fight for your rights in an international child custody dispute, our attorneys can help.

International Child Custody Laws

Interstate abduction of a child is illegal if it is contrary to an established legal agreement. International custody and child abduction are serious legal matters that are resolved by the following legal agreements:

  • The Hague Convention: The Hague Convention is made up of several agreements that have been ratified by countries throughout the world to protect children in international situations. The Convention has uniform rules for handling child abduction and child custody issues when they involve children who live in multiple countries and uniform jurisdiction rules for which country’s laws apply.

Our attorneys rely on their criminal law experience to handle complex child abduction issues. Sadly, in some cases, one parent may resort to criminal abduction to another state or out of the country. We assist either parent with all legal issues surrounding child disputes.

We Will Fight To Protect What Matters Most

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