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Making Sense Of Alimony And Spousal Support In North Carolina Divorce

Under North Carolina spousal support laws, either party can seek alimony or spousal support if he or she is dependent on the income of the other party. Securing alimony during divorce or separation can be critical for a spouse who is financially dependent on the other party. The alimony lawyers at Daly Mills Family Law have the resources necessary to fully evaluate all assets and finances during a divorce and argue for or against alimony payments, depending on our clients’ needs.

North Carolina Spousal Support Guidelines

In many cases, one spouse is dependent on the other for financial security. Without the support of one spouse, the other would likely be forced to radically alter his or her quality of life. That’s why divorce and separation laws include a provision for alimony or spousal support to supplement the income of a dependent spouse.

The guidelines that may be considered when alimony or spousal support is evaluated include:

  • Property of either spouse prior to marriage
  • Assets of the spouses
  • Incomes of the spouses
  • Marital misconduct
  • Length of the marriage

In deciding an alimony request, the attorneys negotiating or the judge ruling must decide not only the amount but also the duration and method of alimony payments. North Carolina laws do allow for the consideration of “illicit behavior” or adultery by either party when deciding alimony.

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