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Navigating The Intersection Of Domestic Violence And Divorce

Domestic violence is all too common in North Carolina. At Daly Mills Family Law, we are no strangers to the harm that domestic violence causes within a family. Our divorce lawyers are sympathetic to the issues surrounding domestic violence. Our knowledgeable attorneys will help you file for divorce if you are experiencing domestic violence or abuse and offer guidance about ways to protect you and your family.

There are two ways that domestic violence or abuse is often discussed in a divorce, separation and military divorce proceedings:

  • Reason for divorce: Domestic violence is often raised in divorce proceedings as the reason for divorce or for advocating for a certain divorce outcome such as sole custody. While it can’t be officially listed as the reason for divorce paperwork, domestic violence or abuse can influence the outcome of property, alimony or custody disputes.
  • Reason for child custody or visitation arrangement: Domestic abuse can also be used in divorce proceedings as the rationale for a suggested child custody or visitation arrangement. The court will take domestic violence allegations seriously when considering whether to award the alleged abuser custody or visitation.

We understand that victims of domestic violence may be extremely concerned about filing for divorce. We will work aggressively to protect you and your family during the divorce process. There are steps we can take on your behalf, including a restraining order, that may help you stay safe from abuse, harassment, and violence during a divorce.

Our experienced family law attorneys have also seen the practical impact of false domestic violence allegations during a divorce. We know that spouses can use allegations of abuse to support their custody or visitation requests, and we will fight to undo the harm caused by the allegation. Our attorneys are skilled at using witness testimony to refute domestic violence claims if they are false.

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