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The Lions, Tigers, And Bears Of Divorce Are Out To Get Your Retirement

Our Ferocious Divorce Lawyers Will Fight To Protect What’s Yours

Whether you’re seeking a divorce, military divorce or legal separation, it’s likely that the division of assets, retirement accounts, and property will need to be determined. Retirement accounts are more difficult to split because they often don’t pay out until after age 59 and they are not jointly owned.

At Daly Mills Family Law, we rely on extensive experience to resolve the complex issues surrounding retirement assets in divorce

Distribution Of Retirement Benefits In Divorce

Whether you’re requesting to share a retirement account or you want to prevent your spouse from acquiring a portion of the equitable property in your retirement account, our skilled divorce lawyers can help with all types of retirement benefits that may be a source of contention during divorce, including:

  • Military retirement benefits or military pensions
  • Government employee retirement benefits
  • 401(k) retirement benefits
  • Private company benefits and pensions
  • 403b retirement plans

There are limitations to retirement benefits that must be shared or equitably distributed in divorce or separation. The decision to split a retirement account often depends on several factors, including the length of the marriage, the assets in the marriage and the assets and money both spouses brought to the marriage.

Our knowledgeable lawyers will help you understand your rights to share in a retirement account and argue on your behalf in negotiations or mediation and at trial.

Schedule an initial confidential appointment with our divorce attorneys to discuss your financial situation today. You can contact us online or call our Statesville office at 866-575-2011.

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