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Circumstances change. So should your custody and support arrangements. A post-divorce modification can be accomplished with the help of the knowledgeable lawyers at Daly Mills Family Law. If you need to modify your divorce order, we can help you. Our attorneys work very closely with our clients to allow us to seek legal solutions to fit their needs.

North Carolina Post-Order Modifications

When you want to modify a court order, you usually need to demonstrate that there has been a change that necessitates the request for modification. Post-divorce modifications of court orders can occur through the North Carolina family court system if you or your ex-spouse have a qualified change in circumstances such as:

  • Change in yearly income
  • Change in job
  • Move to a new location
  • Remarriage
  • Change in the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines
  • Suspected domestic violence or abuse

If you believe that your divorce order or other family law court order should be modified, schedule a meeting with our North Carolina attorneys to discuss the process for filing a complaint about modification. We will use our extensive experience and resources to help you and your family seek the modification you need, whether it concerns a child support order or spousal support order.

Personalized Service To Meet Your Needs

We work with a small number of clients so we can provide high-quality legal representation on every family law matter. Contact us online or call our Statesville office at 866-575-2011 to schedule your consultation.

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- Amy Kyker