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Child Support Lawyers in Mooresville, NC

Your Children And Your Finances Are Worth Fighting For

Many North Carolina residents think they can work through child support issues without the guidance of an attorney, but an unfavorable support payment can harm your financial future for years to come. It’s too important to risk tackling alone. At Daly Mills Family Law, our skilled lawyers will argue on your behalf to help provide for you and your children whether you’re going through a divorce or a separation.

North Carolina Child Support Payment Calculations

Child support laws state clearly that unless outside circumstances warrant a change, the mother and father of a minor child 18 years old or younger are financially responsible for the child. The North Carolina Child Support Guidelines form the basis of any child support payment. The guidelines use calculations based on the following financial factors:

  • Gross income minus excluded income such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Responsibilities for other children and obligations such as other child support
  • Childcare costs
  • Basic needs of the child
  • Health care costs and health insurance expenses
  • Other expenses such as education, sports or other activities

We also assist clients with child support enforcement actions and post-divorce modifications of child support payments if a rise or drop in a parent’s income causes the support payment to increase or decrease more than 15 percent.

Child Support Is A Jungle. Protect What’s Yours.

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