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Daly Mills Family Law: Protecting What’s Yours

In a contested divorce, property and asset division matters usually, rank high among the most hotly disputed issues. In many cases, spouses and their attorneys will be unable to reach a resolution in mediation and a family law judge may need to rule on property and asset division matters. The lawyers at Daly Mills Family Law take on small caseloads, which helps us work diligently on every family matter we handle. Your financial future is important to us, and we will fight for you to receive your fair share.

Property Division Is Based on Several Factors

The number of assets to be equitably distributed will depend on the length of the marriage and the property of the spouses. It will also depend on the level of asset and property sharing that occurred in the marriage. Our attorneys will help you with all property and asset division, including:

  • Division of residential homes
  • Separation of joint financial accounts
  • Division of retirement benefits or military pensions
  • Division of family-owned businesses and business shares
  • Distribution of vacation homes or timeshares
  • Separation of investment accounts

Our attorneys take a personalized approach with each of our clients. This includes helping our North Carolina divorce and separation clients plan for divorce. There are several steps you can take prior to divorce to help protect your assets and property from divorce fraud and prevent your spouse from going after assets you obtained by inheritance or prior to marriage.

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