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North Carolina Child Support Enforcement Attorneys

If your child’s other parent is not paying child support, you have options. A North Carolina Division of Social Services Child Support Enforcement agency can start a legal enforcement action against a noncustodial parent who is not paying child support or a custodial parent can retain his or her own attorney to pursue past-due child support.

Collecting Child Support From A Parent Who Refuses To Pay

A child support obligation may be created by a separation agreement or by a court order. An agreement to pay child support that is part of a child support agreement is a contractual agreement between you and your ex-spouse to pay the agreed amount. If he or she fails to pay, you may have a breach of contract claim against him or her.

If child support is set by an order of the court, failing to pay child support can result in contempt charges against the nonpaying parent and an order to garnish his or her wages as well as the potential for additional civil and criminal penalties. If your ex-spouse or other parent has moved out of North Carolina, he or she is still obligated to pay child support. Moving out of state does not, by itself, modify a child support order.

Child Support Can Be A Jungle. Protect What’s Yours.

If your child’s mother or father isn’t paying court-ordered child support, the family lawyers at Daly Mills Family Law can help. Contact our firm online or 866-575-2011 to schedule an appointment at our Statesville law office.

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